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X men are a fictional creation by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee from Marvel Comics. X men are a team of superheroes that debuted in The X Men#1 published in the month of September 1963. The X men have been shown as mutants born with dormant superhuman abilities that manifest themselves only at puberty. The stories depict ordinary humans being afraid of mutants who they often refer to as Homo Superiors. They harbor fear and distrust towards mutants who have been regarded as the next step in human evolution by a number of scientists. The comics feature Professor Charles Xavier who is himself a mutant and a wealthy one. He is the founder of an academy which trains young mutants to protect themselves from mutant threats such as Magneto and his Brotherhood of mutants.

The X men comic series is credited to be the pioneer as well as the most influential trendsetter in adopting a multicultural cast. 1970s saw addition of characters of diversified nationalities such as Ireland, Kenya, Germany, Canada and Soviet Union. Subsequently, there have been several additions of characters with multicultural and multiethnic backgrounds. A number of times, the stories have themselves centered on issues like status of minorities, tolerance and belief on a superior race of humans.

Filmmakers have not missed the opportunity to cash on the popularity gained by these comic characters and X men have been featured in a number of television shows and feature films. Two such television shows include X men: the animated series which has been one of the most successful weekend programs of all times and X men: Evolution. The year 2000 saw Bryan Singer direct a movie titled X men that casted Patrick Stewart in Professor Charles Xavier’s role, Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, James Marsden as Scott Summers/ Cyclops, Halle Berry as Ororo/ Storm, Ian McKellen as Erik Lensherr/ Magneto and Anna Paquin as Marie/Roque. Singer directed its sequel also and released it by the name of X2: X men United in 2003. Another X men movie titled X men: The Last Stand was directed by Brett Ratner and released in 2006. X men Origins: Wolverine was released in 2009 and X men : First Class in 2011. This year again saw an X men release titled “The Wolverine”.

The “X” in X men is a reference to an unknown gene called the “X factor” that has caused the evolution of mutants. Stan Lee revealed in his book called Son of Origins of Marvel Comics that he wanted to name the team “The Mutants” but this name was turned down by Marvel publisher Martin Goodman. Few attribute the origins of this name to Charles Xavier where “X” is believed to have come from Xavier; however in “Uncanny X men” Xavier himself claims that “X” is not intended to be a self tribute.

As already brought out, X men were a brainchild of a paraplegic telepath known as Professor Charles Xavier alias Professor X. He brought these superheroes together under the cover of a School for Gifted Youngsters established at a large country estate in Salem Center, Westchester County, New York. The founder X men included five teenagers each of whom were taught how to control their powers by Professor Xavier. These five mutants were Beast/ Hank Mc Coy, Iceman/ Bobby Drake, Angel/ Warren Worthington III, Cyclops/ Scott Summers and Marvel Girl/ Jean Grey.

X men comics issues also introduced the X men team’s archrival Magneto who founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants featured Quicksilver, Mastermind, Toad and the Scarlet Witch. Ironical it is that the original cast of the comic book, which was ultimately going to be the carrier of stories against racism and prejudice, was ethnically and racially homogenous. Also their enemy, Magneto was portrayed as a Jewish concentration camp survivor with his followers such as Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch being gypsies. Subsequent publications saw an addition in the team of X men by the name of Mimic/ Calvin Rankin who soon withdrew due to temporary loss of his powers.

Artist Neil Adams and writer Roy Thomas tried to rejuvenate the comic book in 1969 by giving regular roles to newly introduced characters of Havok/ Alex Summers and Lorna Dane who later came to be known as Polaris. However, Marvel Comics discontinued the series after the 66th issue. Although issues from 67-93 were later published but they were essentially reprints of older comics.

As time passed and the X men series kept gaining popularity, there have been a number of additions to the list of X men. Here is an introduction to the five original disciples of Professor Xavier:

1. Cyclops

Cyclop is the field leader of X men in Marvel Comics. He can produce powerful optic blasts from his eyes which is why he wears specialized glasses always along with a specialized visor.

2. Angel

Later known as Archangel, Angel is one of the founding members of X men who possesses a large pair of wings that enable him to fly. He is the owner of CEO of a multibillion enterprise known as “Worthington industries”. Angels original years saw him as an arrogant playboy but his image was revamped in late 1980 after which he was shown to be an introspective personality.

3. Marvel girl

The first marvel girl was Jean Grey who was among the founding members of X men team. She has dedicated her life to fight for a peaceful coexistence of mutant and humans. While she was piloting a spacecraft back to earth, she was rescued by Phoenix and placed in a healing cocoon. Later the title of Marvel girl went to the daughter of Phoenix and Cyclops, Rachel Summers who changed her name to Rachel Grey.

4. Beast

Hank’s mutation revealed itself during adolescence and provided him with greater strength and agility. Although, with his powers at his disposal, he could only excel in athletics at school until Professor Charles Xavier invited him to the “School for Gifted Youngsters’. At the school, he is introduced to the other members of X men team who codename him as “Beast”.

5. Iceman

This mutant possesses the ability of cryokinesis by which he can himself turn into ice and also freeze anything around him. In spite of being an Omega level mutant, he is yet to discover his full potential. He has frequently featured in X men comics, animated series and games.

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