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The basis of all wolverine games is the renowned fictional character, James Howlett, known better by its slang name, auLogan’. The comic books published by Marvel Comics, are the origin and the source of this superhero. Logan was created by writer Len Wein and an artist known as John Romita Sr. Wolverine came to the limelight in November 1974 during the inauguration of the; The Incredible Hulk Comics. The character was featured among the toughest antiheroes in American this culture just after the Vietnam War. This increased his popularity which even led to release of a comic book dubbed antiheroes in 1980s in which Logan is seen as highly brooded deadly character.

Wolverine possesses animal instincts and has some outstanding physical abilities. He is a mutant who has certain healing factor that makes him recuperate easily with no time from any bruise, wound, a disease or even toxins. Besides that, the healing factor suppresses his aging process. Therefore, Logan is known to exhibit a longer lifespan than that of a normal human being. He even survived the fatal adamantium metal alloy which was intertwined to his skeleton!

Wolverine is a member of the Avengers, The X-Men and Alpha Light film series. The character’s development has been immense as new writers and artists try to impart more power and energy to the character based on the new technology.

Wolverine games were then developed based on the enhanced physical characteristics of this fatal fictional character. Ranging from arcade to action games, wolverine is featured as highly boisterous and gets enraged quickly. Let us look at some of the most popular wolverine games.

Some Examples of Wolverine Games

Mutant Apocalypse

This game was produced by marvel and Capcom. Mutant Apocalypse mainly features liberation of mutants from the mutant prison camp in Genosha. As a player you choose to be one of the X-Men who entire mission is to rescue your fellow mutants from the prison. The abilities of the character are quite limited in this game unlike in other wolverine games. However, the game is action-packed and has immense side-rolling adventure.

Clone Wars

Sega Genesis developed this wolverine game. In the game, players have to go through the danger rooms locales which were simulated by popular X-Men. Wolverine will have to counter the uncountable number of X-Men who attack surprisingly.

Adamantium Rage

This game commences just like any other wolverine game. James Howlett receives cryptic information

hinting at his past from an unknown person. Immediately, he leaves for Youngsters as he leads his way to the coordinates given but he lands at a hidden military installation. He identified that this was the place where his bones were fused with adamantium. He put a sudden end to the live of Lady Deathstrike and many others. Wolverine’s Revenge

Developed by Mark Hamill in 1990s, Wolverine’s Revenge features Logan’s stealth skills and swift movements. The game has smooth graphics with excellent high detection consoles. Wolverine takes revenge of the people who made his past the way it is. He is unstoppable and he is full of rage.


This is a solid beat them up video game. Wolverine in X-Men is seen as an enormous very strong character who does not give a chance to his enemies. Like the other Logan games, the main mission circumvents around wolverine trying to establish the truth of his past.

Rise of Apocalypse

Wolverine appears to be the foreman in the joint operation of countering attacks from the X-Men. The game has features the Magneto’s group of mutants who have collaborated in order to vanquish the Apocalypse. This wolverine game depicts a perfect balance of RPG elements, action and the Diabloesque game-play. You surely get entertained throughout the game until the death of the Apocalypse.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Wolverine takes the spotlight among Thor, Iron Man, Spider Man and even Captain America. The health generation, instant and surprise melee attacks and the personality of Logan makes this game one of the favorite action packed games amongst players of different calibers.

X-Men Origins-Wolverine

This game is one of the most entertaining wolverine games. Each level of the game induces curiosity. There is nothing more intriguing than seeing Logan crawling down the helicopter and pulling out the pilot and throwing him into the propellers. The game really gives you an hack slash experience like never before.

NOTE: The aforementioned wolverine games are just a few among an endless list.

The Unprecedented Skills and Personality of Wolverine

Wolverine is featured as a very dynamic character who craps new skills with ease. He is a master of martial arts and highly proficient with variety of arsenals. He shows outstanding skills by trailing down Captain America and the famous Shang-chi. He has vast comprehension of human anatomy. He is a very flexible pilot especially when dealing with covert and espionage operations.

Logan quickly gets enraged and his anger lashes out with tremendous aggression like that of an animal making him resist psionic attacks.

He adheres to his personal code of honor plus morality and that is why he doesn’t enjoy killing people. His extraordinary abilities to read his mind and calculate the next best move, has made him survive even under multiple attacks by the Apocalypse.

Due to his long lifespan, wolverine has been able to explore the whole world enabling him to amass a wide variety of foreign languages. He is a frequent smoker and drinker, fortunately, his healing powers negates the impacts of alcohol. This makes him very rebellious to authorities though he is a good leader. In most of the films and video games, wolverine is depicted as a crustily loner. He often takes leave from the X-Men for him to solve his problems. He his promiscuous and a father to many young women like the Jubilee.

With the knowledge of the above skills, artists and developers have been able to produce a lot of films and video games which features wolverine as the protagonist.

Video games featuring this fictional character are very exhilarating. You can play wolverine games via DVD, download them or play them online. Playing them online is very exhilarating as you can compete with other players from different regions and you can even interact with them. You can start playing any wolverine game now online for more fun.

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