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Thor, the son of Odin is one of the very powerful ancient beings who lived in the magical world, Asgard. The gods were powerful and they were revered and worshiped by mortals who lived on earth. A long time ago his father Odin desired a child who would one day succeed him and rule Asgard. He was able to woo the Earth goddess, Gaea and she bore him a son in a cave somewhere in Norway whom they named Thor. Odin took Thor to Asgard where his wife Frigga raised him.

The boy grew up together with his adopted brother Loki. They were good siblings and played a lot together while they were young. Thor loved his brother and he thought the feeling was mutual. Loki pretended to love Thor but deep within he was jealous of his brother and he resented him a lot. When it was Thor’s eighth birthday, Odin had the hammer, Mjolnir created for Thor as he had grown a lot in popularity and power. Odin afterwards then declared that the hammer(Mjolnir) would only be handed to his son Thor after he had proven that he was worthy of the hammer. Thor went on to perform very many heroic acts in the next eight years. He was therefore handed the hammer and he was declared the greatest hero in all of Asgard.

After he was declared the greatest hero in Asgard he continued with hos heroic acts and he became an even greater warrior. However, as he continued with his heroics and amazing feats, he grew proud and thought himself above all else. On one occasion he crossed the line by breaking the truce that Asgard had with their mortal enemies the frost giants. Odin was so angry and he decided to punish Thor by sending him to earth and stripping him of all his powers and memories. This was supposed to be a lesson to teach him humility and he would only be accepted back once he had learnt his lesson.

Thor woke up in earth in the body of a crippled medical student with no recollection of his Asgard origins. The boy was called Donald Blake. Blake was able to graduate with top honors and he pursued his career really well. He gained a good reputation as a family doctor and later he decided to set up his own private practice in New York. He always worked along this very beautiful skillful nurse, Jane Foster. The two of them fell in love deeply.

Ten years later,Blake had a subconscious persuasion from Odin to go and enjoy his vacation in Norway. Kronans who are vicious aliens were there planning an attack on earth. While in Norway, Blake decided to venture out in the wild and he came across a cave and decided to enter it. Unknown to him, it was his birthplace. Inside he found a cane, which he struck against a boulder in the cave. Immediately the cane turned into Mjolnir and he himself turned into Thor. Single-handedly, he was able to defeat the Kronans and thwart their attempts to attack earth. He had saved earth. He then tapped the ground with his hammer and he was able to transform into Blake once again and the hammer turned into a walking cane. He then went back to New York where he used his alter ego Thor to fight crime in the city and at the same time he practiced his profession as a doctor.

When he returned to New York, Thor and other heroes formed the Avengers with whom they had very many adventures together. Most of them involved protecting earth from alien invasions and villains such as his brother Loki. Thor’s love life continued but it was very turbulent. Odin had forbade him from revealing his real identity to the woman that he loved sincerely and this put a huge strain on their relationship as Jane Foster could tell she was hiding something from him.

Even though by now Blake knew that he was the legendary Asgard warrior, Thor, he did not have all his memories back. Memories of Asgard were still dim and he usually had small flashbacks from time to time. Then one day Odin appeared to his son and restored his memory completely. He told him that it was he who had choreographed Blake’s trip to Norway so that he could save the earth from the impending attack of the aliens. He again met his Asgard lover called Sif and this complicated his love life than even before. She was an Asgardian warrior and very beautiful.Eventually the love affair that existed between Blake and Foster ended when Foster fell in love with a mortal man. Foster and Kincaid, the mortal man, married. Thor and Sif were betrothed but they did not finalize their wedding as Sif grew tired of spending time on earth and decided to return to Asgard.

The fire demon, Surtur, who had for the longest time been the sworn enemy of the Asgardian gods lay waste a distant galaxy so that he could forge his sword, The Sword of Doom. There were a few survivors from the planet Korbin and together with their noble guardian Beta Ray Bill traveled the other galaxies in search of a new home. When Thor saw them close to earth, he mistook them for enemies and attacked them. He was separated from his hammer and he merely became Donald Blake again. Bill was able to retrieve the hammer as it belonged only to the most worthy. Odin then had Thor and Bill compete for the hammer. Bill won but Odin was not going to disarm his own son and so he forged another weapon of the same power, The StormBreaker, which he gave to Bill.

Bill, Thor and Sif teamed up to fight Surtur’s demons and they were able to defeat them. They had many adventures together and defeated even the most vile creatures that the galaxy has ever seen. You can play experience Thor’s adventures with our epic Thor Games here.


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