Sponge Bob Games

Many people have heard about the SpongeBob SquarePants carton character that lives in the ocean. This cartoon character is popular and familiar among the kids. Now you can connect with your adored cartoon character and play thrilling games on your lap top or desktop. Due to its popularity, SpongeBob is available in computer games. There are many people who love relaxing by playing SpongeBob games online. Playing these internet games enables you to utilize your leisure time well. Once you begin playing SpongeBob games, it can be addictive since it contain many exciting games such as dinner dash, pyramid peril, bus rush, pyramid peril and many others.

The Game History

Before this game came the show: SpongeBob was developed by Stephen Hillenburg, marine biologist and cartoonist who adored both his careers. Stephen began working on SpongeBob in 1993. At that time, the hit vivacious series rocko’s modern life had been cancelled. SpongeBob immediately hit the market and was loved by both adults and kids because of its clever world play and cross cultural reference. The cartoon became very popular that in 2002, fans were confounded by the rumors that the show would be revoked. They gathered and send hundreds of thousands petitions to Nickelodeon protesting the move to cancel the show.

When a show, above all a lively one becomes such a big hit, it is normally turned into game. This is actually what transpired in the case of SpongeBob. The games have been released in various gaming platforms. Even though there are vary many titles that have been released including those designed by fans. You can download them free. Some of the SpongeBob games are exceptionally good.

Types Of the Games

Well for all lovers of SpongeBob squarepants, SpongeBob: SuperSponger offers you the chance that goes beyond watching SpongeBob and personally become one. In this game type, SpongeBob is sent on a number of missions by his two adored superheroes MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy. Easy controls and smooth graphics makes the game a must play.

Another all time adored game is the SpongeBob SquarePantis movie game. It was developed by the THQ. You can play the game on various platforms such as Game boy Advance, PS2, Nintendo game cube, and Xbox. The primary block of the game is the same as that of film. Plankton has stolen Crown of the Neptune king and SpongeBob teams abreast of Patrick to bring it back. The game has eighteen levels, and this keeps you happily engaged for weeks. However, the computer version of the game contains slightly dissimilar game play and fewer levels.

Created by Blitz Games, Arlton SpongeBob’s Atlantis SquarePantis, is footed on TV series. You can play this SpongeBoy game on platforms such as PS2, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. You can also download and play it on your mobile phone. The game plot goes like this; Patrick and SpongeBob discover the lost half of Antlantean talisman. When Squidward sees it, he strongly believes it as part of the original talisman, which is still in exhibit in the Bikini Bottom museum. Certainly, the talisman has supernatural powers and when joined opens a magical corridor to the primeval town of Atlantis. What happen next? Play the game to discover more.

The other games than any lover of SpongeBob must play include SpongeBob Squarepants: camera, lights, pants, Battle for Bikini Bottom, and creature from the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob Games Online

Many people like relaxing by playing internet games. Among the most popular online games is SpongeBob internet games, which are great stress relievers. However. SpongeBob games are quite addictive once you begin playing them.

Some adults and children for that matter adore this yellow cartoon character that live under the ocean with other sea animals. Some of the popular SpongeBob internet games include collapse; pyramid Peril, Bus Rush, Diner dash, Trail of the snail, SpongeBob snow pants, pinball and dozen and many others!


The latest games include diner dash and Trail of the snail highly rated among the children. Also remember that there are other games that are suitable for older people. Some of the conventional older style games including SpongeBob shuffleboard are also available in the internet.

The mechanics of SpongeBob vary depending on the type of game played. Generally, the difficulty can be created by selecting an option in the key menu and the player may select the character they want to assume through out the game.

The SpongeBob internet games offer you an opportunity to test different games, characters and levels from Bikini bottom to make every experience a unique one. With premium graphics, internet SpongeBob games are in deed enjoyable experience for every player.

Regardless of age, players should offer themselves the opportunity to enjoy these internet sources of entertainment as much as they can. Internet SpongeBob games represents a unique place that children and adults can go to enjoy their leisure times with excitement full of adventure and laughter.

Playing internet SpongeBob games is also an opportunity to bond with the family right in your home comfort. This is a cheap way to find fun and game that your family will surely adore.

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