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We all know and love the Power Rangers — Green Ranger Mike, true Red Ranger Lauren, Red Ranger Jayden, Blue Ranger Kevin, Gold Ranger Antonio, Yellow Ranger Emily and Pink Ranger Mia. First shown in 1993 on the live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the team has already been immortalized in many plays, continuing TV series, video games, collectible action figures and collectible cards.

As of 2013, you can watch the twentieth season of the long-running show. But if you’re a fan of the Power Rangers universe, you can have more fun on many Power Rangers online games. Play the Rangers, the Zords and other characters from the Power Rangers, Power Rangers Samurai and the Power Rangers Megaforce universes. Defeat the Moogers, the Nighloks and the evil Master Xandred to save the world. Print collectibles and artwork. Dress up your Rangers, and explore more of the world of these superheroes.

Here is a look at some exciting Power Rangers games that you can play online today.

Portals of Power

The Power Rangers game titled Portals of Power puts you in control of a Red Zord in a city. From time to time, portals keep opening up across the city and you have to stop the Moogers from running amok in town. You control the Zord with your mouse, and keyboard controls for dashing and special powers. This fun game lets you play single player or multiplayer with a friend.

Power Rangers Super Samurai

The single player game Power Rangers Super Samurai lets you play as any of the seven Ranger samurais. You choose the area you want to play in — for instance, the foundry, a construction zone, Barnacle Bay or the Great Dam. It’s an old-school arcade game where you have to fight through a flurry of Moogers, collect trophies and level up for more challenging and fun levels to finally fight Master Xandred.

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

In this game, Xandred and the Nighlok monsters are threatening the earth and you have to protect it. You can play either in the Story Mode or in Arena Mode. In Story Mode, run along the city rooftops punching or slashing the Nighloks and collecting energy.

In the fun Arena Mode, you can be one of many secondary Power Rangers characters including the Dinozord combo called Megazord, the ayakashi or ancient spirit Yomotsugari, Dokurobou the skull-faced ayakashi, the Nighlok named Vulpes and others. You fight through other characters in the arena, and along with your special skills, aim to become champion. You can also play this game with a friend.

Flip Out

In the thrilling Power Rangers game Flip Out, you find yourself running through a bamboo forest with Moogers running or flying at you. You have to dodge the Moogers to move forward. Touch a Mooger and you fail. Collect powers along the way, such as invincibility, lightning fury and Mooger finder to help you.

Fireball Run

Similar to Flip Out, this Power Rangers game puts a line of Zords in space with a barrage of fireballs coming their way. You control the Zords and have to dodge the fireballs, with occasional help from trophies like allislow down’, allextra Zord’ and a: :Charge Dragon Splash’. This game is tougher than it sounds — maneuvering the five Zords between the often narrowly spaced fireballs is a skill and challenge that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

Ranger Defense Academy

At the Ranger Defense Academy, you train to be able to block shots from enemies. But here you have to avoid the shots thrown at you by trainers. Each level of training will help you test how many shots you can block in a certain period of time. The shots increase in speed with advancing levels. This is a fun game that can get addictive for the player.

Power Rangers Mask Lab

This Power Rangers game is a design lab meant for the role players among you. You can choose one of three mask types, pick a color out of white, red, blue, green, yellow and pink, and then choose one of three patterns for your mask. Print it out and enjoy playing that character! Or you can print one out in each pattern and color to use as displays on your wall! Younger Power Ranger fans will also love the Mask Lab.

Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is a 2D obstacle course game in which you take a Ranger through levels where you must collect lightning bolts to open doors and pass through them to reach the next level. This addictive game is made more challenging as you advance through the levels by fire tiles, moving flames and other obstacles.

Mega Poster

Want a jumbo-sized pin-up of the Red Ranger that you can print out in pieces and hang on your wall? The Meaa Poster lets you do that.

Megazord Firestorm

Megazord Firestorm gives you an aerial view of a city where you have control of a Megazord. You have to put out fires, zap krybots with your laser beam and prevent the Megazord from becoming damaged in the process.

Dino Gems

The Power Rangers game Dino Gems gives you a mission. Mad scientist Mesagog is trying to return the earth to the age of dinosaurs. You have to point your mouse cursor at Dino gems to collect them within the given time limit at each level. There are sixteen levels and only when you have collected all the gems can you morph into a Power Ranger and help the other Rangers stop Mesagog’s crazy plan.

Power Prints

Power Prints will let you print out any of 18 images of Power Rangers characters and weapons in outline. You can then color them and pin them up to show off to your friends!

Power Puzzler

Power Puzzler is a Power Rangers jigsaw puzzle where you can test your knowledge of the Rangers’ world by putting together the jigsaw puzzle before time runs out.

These are only some of the Power Rangers games that you could play online today. Do you find the games exciting? You can play more games like these at our website. So, click through and get started!

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