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It’s not just little girls of 2 to 11 who love to watch the inhabitants of Ponyville learn about friendship. Teens and adults alike are fans of the intelligent ponies that use their special abilities and a little help from their friends, to solve problems at Ponyville. Fans can tune in to the TV show about the ponies, collect the Hasbro character toys and even play some enjoyable flash games that offer hours of fun.

Here’s a look at the world of Ponyville and the special characters in it that make it such a great world. A Little History For the Uninitiated

You don’t have to have been a childhood fan of the My Little Pony toys to be able to enjoy the stories, cartoons and games that surround these charming little characters. But here’s an introduction to the Ponyville world to get you into the spirit of it.

First some history – Hasbro started out with the My Little Pony toys with colorful manes and bodies with cutie marks way back in 1983. Since then, they have been modified, made more modern and given cool

personalities. A number of stories, computer games, four animated series and an animated feature film have been created around them through several generations.

To the Earth Ponies, Sea Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Big Brother Ponies and others of the First Generation were added Friendship Garden Ponies. Then the third generation came with the Ponyville and the Celebration Castle at its center. Characters like Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Starsong, Rainbow Dash, Toola-Roola, and Sweetie Belle became the main pony characters.

Then came the fourth generation ponies that we know so well from The Hub’s Friendship is Magic series – Twilight Sparkle is the unicorn pony at the center of it all in the land of Equistria. She is given lessons in friendship by Princess Celestia. And the other pony characters that help and learn along with her include Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Spike the Dragon. Rarity and Princess Luna.¬†

Friendship is Magic

Fans of the Friendship is Magic have just finished watching the third season of Friendship is Magic that airs on Hasbro’s Hub Network and are into the 4th season that premiered this November, 2013. The feature film Little Pony: Equestria Girls was also released on June 16 in movie theaters to packed crowds.

What people love about the show are the moral themes that the stories center around, as well as the humor of the show. The modern ponies that have been created by Lauren Faust and her team are great characters to watch. Not only do they have nuanced personalities, they are also drawn beautifully, with appealing and expressive Flash animation style. The show was originally created for little girls, but there are some surprisingly large number of fans who are teenagers and even adult males (the ‘bronies’).

What makes the My Little Pony animation show so popular across so many demographics? The show’s themes are thought-provoking and even adults find them interesting.

Now let’s get down to the much-loved characters. The Main Characters

Twilight Sparkle: Twilight Sparkle is a magical pony and a female unicorn who can transform into an Alicorn (graceful ponies with Pegasus wings in addition to a unicorn horn). At the start of the My Little Pony story, she moved from the town of Canterlot to the town of Ponyville because the princess Celestia sends her to learn the magic of Friendship. She resides in a library, the Golden Oak library, with her assistant Spike. Each character in the story represents an element of friendship, and Twilight is the representative of magic. She loves books, is very rational, is a good organizer and is often seen flying in a purple hot air balloon.

Spike: Twilight’s assistant and best friend. Spike is a green and purple baby dragon. His fire-breath can instantly transport scrolls to and from Celestia. He is playful, sensitive, and is sometimes greedy for gems (which he loves to eat) though he loses some of his greediness as the series progresses. Spike is often sleepy but is an eager announcer at events, a tireless digger for gems, a proficient pianist and a good cook. Spike also has a crush on Rarity.

Rarity: Rarity is a unicorn pony is the sister (older) of Sweetie Belle and has her own shop called the Carousel Boutique in which she is a seamstress and fashion designer. Rarity represents generosity and owns a Persian cat named Opalescence. She loves beauty and being under the spotlight. She uses very formal vocabulary and pays great attention to detail. She also uses magic in a small way and is skilled in martial arts.

Applejack: An Earth Pony, Applejack represents honesty, is loyal and dependable and lives with her little grandmother Smith, her little sister Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, her brother and a dog Winona. She is working at Sweet Apple Acres as an apple bucker. She is also mature, brave, reliable and diligent at everything she does.

Fluttershy: Fluttershy is a Pegasus mare with who lives in a cottage near Everfree Forest. She represents kindness, which makes her a good animal caretaker. She is otherwise shy and timid, but when angry, can be moved to become aggressive on rare occasions. She communicates well with animals and can control them with her ‘Stare’.

Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie symbolizes laughter and is a female Earth Pony. She is sociable and energetic, and lives above the Sugarcube Corner bakery where she works. She has a baby alligator named Gummy as a pet, loves to write songs and perform them, and enjoys throwing a lot of parties for her friends. She also possess a Pinkie Sense with which she can predict the near future.

Rainbow Dash: A tom-boyish Pegasus mare Rainbow Dash represents loyalty. She clears the skies of Ponyville and maintains the weather. She is among the best fliers in town and owns a tortoise called Tank in her cloud house over Ponyville. Rainbow is confident of her skills but often appears lazy as a result. She is athletic and competitive and dreams of joining The Wonderbolts, which is an exclusive flying group.

All the characters are endearing, and with each of their special element of friendship, they come together to make a great group of friends we can learn from. Play online games that feature these characters at our website and discover yet another way to make Ponyville come alive.

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