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Iron man is a fictional character that made many fans all over the world. Tony Stark, the personage nicknamed the Iron Man, is an amazing superhero that has superpowers and fights the evil. He first took life in comic books published by Marvel Comics. He also becomes a movie character in live action movie series and in animated films. The movie character is played by the actor Robert Downey Jr. The movie series are produced by the Marvel Studios as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. The movies that feature the character are Iron Man, made in the year 2008, Iron Man 2, produced in 2010, and Iron Man 3, launched in 2013. Iron Man also appears in other movies, such as The Incredible Hulk, made in 2008. The character is played by the same actor, Robert Downey. Other movies include the Iron Man character as part of a superheroes team, such as the Marvel’s production The Avengers, made in 2012. Next movie that will continue to feature the Iron Man character is The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The movie is planned to be released by the Marvel Studios in 2015.


The character’s life story says that Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark’s parents were Maria Collins Carbonell Stark and Howard Anthony Stark. They owned an important US company, named Stark Industries. Since his childhood Tony was attracted by technology and he was enjoying spending his time with building and controlling machines. Being very bright, a real genius, Tony started an undergraduate electrical engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he was aged only 15. He succeeded to graduate the MIT engineering program by age 19, with two masters degrees. After graduation Tony started to work in the company owned by his parents, Stark Industries. As a young man Tony was more attracted in living a playboy lifestyle than making a professional career in Stark Industries. His parents were killed in car accident that was plotted by Republic Oil, a rival corporation. After the death of his parents Tony inherited Stark Industries when he was only 21 years old. Still not interested so much in business, Tony found a way to avoid the burden of managing the company by using the help of Virginia “Pepper” Potts, who he promoted from secretary to the function of executive assistant. He left most of the workload and business matters on her. Stark Enterprises were working in developing advanced military technology and Tony attended a field test of his military equipment organized at one of his international manufacturing units. Not long after his arrival the party organized by Stark is attacked by a gang of terrorists. They were led by Wong Chu. During the attack a land mine explosion sent a piece of shrapnel near Tony’s heart. Tony was taken back to Wong-Chu’s camp where he shared a cell with Professor Ho Yinsen. The professor was a world famous physicist. Wong-Chu asked the two scientists to develop advanced military technology for his terrorist organization. Tony knew that he would not be able to live for long with the shrapnel so close to his heart. To save his own life he proposed that he and Yinsen should try to create one of the battle suits that he previously started to develop. The suit would be equipped with a generator of magnetic field in order to prevent the shrapnel from reaching his heart. This battle suit they created was the first Iron Man armor, named Mark I. The battle suit was also equipped with magnetic weapons for defense. At the moment they were trying to power the the armor’s battery, some of Wong-Chu’s men attacked them. Yinsen sacrificed himself by creating a diversion and was shot by Wong-Chu’s men. After he finished charging the battery, Tony used the Iron Man battle suit and was able to escape the terrorist camp after he destroyed everything. The US Marine James “Rhodey” Rhodes helped him to return to the USA. After escaping from that adventure Tony Stark realized that the weapons he designed were being used by terrorist groups against innocent civilians. He decided then to begin a one man crusade against the horrors that his own company created. In his quest to save the innocent Tony started to work to an upgraded version of his battle suit, the Mark II armor. The character Tony Stark uses his genius level intellect to invent sophisticated devices. He specializes in creating advanced weapons and armor. The stand alone movie Iron Man 2, made in 2010, continues the storyline from Iron Man. Tony Stark becomes known to everybody as the Iron Man. The government makes pressures on him to share the technology used in creating the Iron Man armor. Tony knows that if the design of his armor would fall into the wrong hands that could have dramatic consequences and more innocent lives would be lost. That is the reason that makes him to decide that is better to hide the secrets of Iron Man than share them with the military.

In Iron Man 3, produced in 2013, Tony Stark faces a new evil and powerful enemy, named the Mandarin. Tony adventures on a quest to find who destroyed his private world.

The Iron Man character has many fans and the movies inspired the creation of a video game with the same name. It was launched in 2008, to coincide with the release of the movie. The game was designed by Sega and there are versions that work on every video gaming platform, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and 3, Wii, Nitendo DS, PC and mobile platforms. The Iron Man game parallels Tony’s story. The video game is full of shiny visual effects and thrilling scenes. In the game the adventure starts in the cave where Tony is building his first armor suit. After Tony’s escape from the terrorists the game’s plot diverges from the movie.

Since the creation of the first Iron Man video game by Sega, many other online games were designed having as source of inspiration the superhero Iron Man and his plot story.

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