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The incredible hulk has many powers that extend beyond his normal superhuman stamina and strength. Just like his name implies, he can heal from major wounds incredibly fast. He can also see and speak to astral and spiritual bodies from other planets. Hulk has a strong resistance to mental control and he is invulnerable to attacks. Moreover, since he was born from exposure to Gamma radiation, he has great ability to absorb excessive amount of radiation and utilize it to grow stronger.


When Stan lee first conceived the Hulk, he decided to make him gray in color to avoid implying any ethnic group. So, during the very first issues, the Hulk takes varying shades of gray green or pure gray. This is mainly because at the time, the printers’ technology that was in existence was unable to produce good gray colors. Finally, Lee gave in and accepted to make the Hulk green in color which was a much easier color to reproduce using the then available technology.

Just like his alter-ego Bruce Banner, Hulk is a gentle and kind person who cares a lot for humanity. In fact, for the Hulk to be formed, Banner was saving a young teenager who had trespassed into a bomb testing site and nearly died in an explosion. He managed to save the teenager but in the processes his body was exposed to unbelievable quantum of gamma rays which adversely affected him.

Banner realized later that during the periods of provocation and stress, he had changed into a completely different person; the timid, small scientist became a 7 foot, half ton weapon of destruction. Nothing appeared to stop the Hulk during his tantrums of rage. He demolished cities, overcome challenges and numerous obstacles from coast to coast.

The incredible Hulk special powers include high resistance to disease, injuries and pain. He has an incredible ability to jump up to 3 miles at a time and his skin can endure very cold and hot temperatures. Moreover, he is immune to all the diseases found on earth today. Putting all these things together, Hulk the super hero is capable of being hurt.

Hulk is a character who resonates easily with numerous comic book fans. His being misinterpreted and misunderstood by the society and his unlimited power and strength, makes him unproblematic to relate to, pitiable and enviable all at ones.

Although the Hulk emerged during a time of re-emerging superheroes, he did not earn great and immediate success. His recognition grew over time. In addition, the Hulk as you would understand him today is indeed dramatically different in appearance from what he looked like in his early days.

As is the case with most other superhero genre, Hulk experienced a tragic past. However, his past is quite different from that of many other superheroes. This is so because while Hulk was Dr. Banner, he created the gamma bomb that would later mutate him. So, Hulk fate was changed but it was actually changed by him; this leaves him as somehow a misfortune by-product of his genius.

Another way in which the hulk differs from other comic superheroes of his time is that he has no control

over his own abilities, powers and personalities. While most superheroes keeps a secret identity and decide at will how and when to utilize their powers, the hulk lack such ability and control over himself. He is unleashed at a time when Bruce Banner is experiencing different emotions; most notable of them being extreme rage. Hulk first appeared on May 1962 in the comedy titled “The Incredible Hulk 1”. The Hulk (hope you still have in mind that he is was created by Stan Lee) appeared in a period that was referred as the Silver Age of comics. During this time, superheroes were on the rise in the industry; Marvel Comics and Stan Lee created the top 4 fantastic superheroes of this period. After the stunning success of these characters, Lee started churning new superheroes, the Hulk being one of them.

Although the Hulk is today taken to be synonymous with a bright green coloring, in its first appearance in the above title, it was in its original grey color. However, The story about the hulk has stayed reasonably consistent since its inception more than 50 years ago. The only variables changing being portrayal of Dr. Banner, different forms of Hulk as well as the nature of the relationship between his 2 sides. As time moves on, the hulk has increasingly been made capable of emotion and he is becoming increasingly tormented by his tragic past.

As with any other successful comics, there arose several branch-outs and new characters of the Hulk. Some of these include the She-Hulk, a close relative of Bruce Banner who received Banners blood through a transplant.

In summary, the Hulk refers to a fictional character or simply a comic book superhero that prominently features in publications made by Marvel comics. He was created by Stan lee and he first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk 1” on May 1962. Throughout his comic book appearance, the Hulk is portrayed as a huge green humanoid with limitless superhuman power and strength. In addition, he is shown to have great invulnerability and this attribute grows stronger as he becomes more upset. Hulk is the alter-ego of Bruce Banner; a socially withdrawn physicist who physically transforms to the Hulk under extreme emotional stress. This involuntary transformation leads to a lot of hardships in Banners life.

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