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Are you a comic book worm? Whether that is the case or not, l’rn pretty sure you have heard about this pretty sleek DC superhero so called the Green Lantern. In many ways, he inconsiderably one of the best cards in the deck and he makes an effective standalone hero, which different comic volumes have proven to be true through the years. But the story of Green Lantern goes a long way of provenance. And if you happen to have no concrete knowledge about who he really is and his origins, I have written this piece as an easy form of ground zero for your satiety and curiosity.

Who is the Green Lantern?

To begin with, Green Lantern is actually a collective name because for one, there is not just one Green Lantern. But in order to omit all the confusion even before the first comic was released, the creators decided to name the other Greens into the Guardians of the Universe – dwellers of the Planet Oa, protectors of 3600 sectors the earth being the 2814th sector. In every sector, there’s at least two Guardians in order to help immolate different evil entities tread the pavements exuding with dark, mystical, auras embodied with great animosity. So much for that, he has been around since 1961, where he was introduced as a stereotypical subtly authoritarian, square-jawed superhero that portrayed a roguish personality, insurgent to the norms of Planet Oa in order to undertake a journey he sees fit in the name of human salvation – he was named Hal Jordan, the prototype for the name.

Powers and Abilities

The concept of Green Lantern has always revolved around willpower. It is about a hero, like his kin in several senses not limited by blood, who materializes objects from his imagination in order to use them as weapons during combat. In order for a Guardian of the Universe to use willpower as some sort of nunchucks or sword or pretty much anything (even an entire artillery) during battle, it is a requirement for them to overcome the stifling presence of fear. Though the original brainchild was to whelp all Guardians as fearless children, it was modified in order to broaden the story and add more specifications and spice into the recipe. When the Guardian is able to make fear their conquest, they will be able to form just about any object for both assault and guard stances with their faculty to imagine things. While their powers make them invulnerable, it is only limited as they need to recharge their powers that root from the the ring they wear, which they become powerless without. Nevertheless, by tapping into the receptacles of creative thinking and strong will, they can make weapons that can destroy even the bloody Weaponers of Qward, the toughest league of evil in the Rob Paulsen/Wade Williams DC Universe.

Green Lanterns in the Passage of Time

Apparently, the creators didn’t settle with exclusivity for Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern as there were other names that played as the hero in different comic volumes. The first comic book of this superhero was created by Action Comics, followed by Showcase #22, then the Emerald Dawn versions, and then the Guy Gardner versions, and then the Justice League version where Green Lantern was a rnan named Justin Stewart, a black man, who not to mention was probably the most popular in this modern time Or at least not until the movie came, which we will be tapping into a bit later.

Green Lantern Mash-ups

As we mentioned earlier, one of the collaborations he got into was the Justice League formed by the stars of the DC Universe namely Batman the Dark Knight, Superman the Man of Steel who takes all his superpowers from the sun, Wonder Woman the daughter of Zeus, Green Arrow the playboy billionaire curved into a righteous vigilante and a couple others. Another notable mash up which happens to be one of my favorites would be the Green Lantern/Green Arrow in the No Evil Shall Escape My Site comic episode. In this episode, they team up in order to bring down an untruthful man named Jubal Slade whom Green Lantern has saved from immolation, not knowing the kind of slum he really was Green Arrow shares with him all of the intel he knows, about the plans of Slade to sell the building and then blow it up the soonest it will be inhabited by butt loads of businessmen and investors. Their mission was stifled with how Slade held sway of the city with his minions and scumbags that do lots of the dirty work for him. In the end, Slade was arrested with the genius plot of the dynamic duo and peace was subsequently restored in the city.

The Green Lantern Movie

In a scale of 1 to 10. I’d really give the movie a 9.5. For one, they were able to put the whole Green Lantern story in a nutshell… or at least the core plot of his journeys from how he began and how he continues to serve to stop evil, may it by corrupted human minds or creatures that root from other sectors of the universe. In the film, he was once a brash pilot who got raised into a much higher position in the hierarchy as plane tester for Ferris Aircraft with his exceptional skills in flying. His Green Lantern story begins right after a purple colored alien named Abin Sur crashed and died onto Earth soil. The ring of the alien who happened to be a Guardian of the Universe selected Hal as the new bearer and then history followed.

In season 2 of the hit series Arrow, the creators decided to add the Flash in the story in order to sum the whole “City of Heroes” theme up. Rumor has it that the Green Lantern may also be joining the whole crime-fighting gang, which will really pump the whole thing up into a whole new level of surreal hero madness. While that is totally something worth waiting for, in the events that it will be affirmed by the creators and the production staff, you can also play a vast expanse of awesome Green Lantern games in our site.

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