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Danny Phantom, an American animated television games series, was designed and created by Butch Hartman and voiced by David Kaufman. The name also refers to the main character of the same series-his name, initially Danny Fenton when he was still fully human being, but later changed to Danny phantom after accidentally turning to a ghost, though partially, thanks to his parent’s unpredictable ghost portal. He struggles in two different worlds, as a heroic phantom fighter with ghostly powers in one and as a naive and clumsy high school boy in another, bringing out funny, fantastic action packed adventures in the Danny Fenton series. How Danny Phantom Originated

Danny lives with his ghost hunting parents, Maddie and Jack Fenton, and a sister called Jasmine. He had two friends, Ticker Foley and Samantha Manson “Sam” (not a girlfriend, but just a good friend). Free-thinking Goth girl Sam urged him to explore the contents of a ghost portal called Fenton Portal that his parents had created in a failed effort to bridge the ghost Zone and the real world. He accidentally pressed the “on” button, and in the process activated a portal which fills his DNA with ectoplasm transforming him into a half-man, half-ghost boy.

As a human being. Danny is a shy boy trying to fit with the crowd. As a freshman in his high school-Casper High-he became a victim Dash Baxter, a football loving and a not-so-bight bully. He also had a crush on a popular student called Paulina. In fact, he asks her out, though she at first turned down until she thought he was dating Sam, so she decided to date him so as to steal him from her

As a ghost, Danny Phantom develops the ability to fly, becoming invisible. He also gradually learns other ghostly powers including ghostly wail and ghostly ray. Initially, he was frightened by his ghostly powers, but with time, he learns how utilize the same to protect his family, friends and the world from malicious ghosts. Despite his ghostly powers. Danny is still afraid of his elder sister Jazz (short form of Jasmine). This is partly because she has the looks, the social skills and the brains and partly because she is her elder sister.

She however manages to keep his big secret, in an effort to maintain a perfect image, both before her friends and her schoolmates.

What is Fenton Ghost Portal?

This is a device which is similar to a wormhole door, and allows ghosts to enter the real world and people to enter the Ghost Zone through it It contains a barrier across it which closes and opens spontaneously. Danny Phantom went through it, and then accidentally his hand pressed against the “On” button activating the portal. As a result, ectoplasmic energy is inside the portal fuse with his genes.

Ghost powers

When switching powers. Danny shouts “Going Ghost” followed by two white rings intersecting his body. After switching, he hardy can control his ghostly powers. His legs turn to a ghost tail, and gains super-strength and improved capabilities and dexterity. Even more extra-ordinary, he can alter his body into odd shapes to evade stray attacks. He can sense the presence of his enemy, which is manifested by as a blue wisp from his mouth.

Danny can turn to an energy ball, which can extend both in size and in corresponding area of effect, and can be used as flashlight in the real world. He has a ghost shield, to protect him from bouncing attacks, and is capable of overshadowing people and ghosts. Later on, he acquires the power to cancel signs of possession, and enter dreams of human beings.

Interesting Characters

Jack Fenton-Danny’s Father

Always clad in his “test pilot suit”, Jack Fenton is tirelessly trying to prove the existence of ghosts. He is an impulsive person, always acting before thinking and hence worsening bad situations. Besides fighting ghosts and fitting into the strict rules of Caster high school, Danny has another huge task keeping Jack out of trouble. Mr. Lancer

He is the vice principle and the English teacher at Cater High school keen to implementing school rules to the latter. Incidentally, he is not aware of Danny’s ghostly status, though this would matter little to him. He can’t just stand any student breaking school rules. This further complicates life for Danny who has to find creative ways to fight ghosts during school days in order to save Casper High and graduate.

Dash Baxter

Dash is the subject of envy in Casper High; boys admire him while ladies are dying to date him. He however, likes harassing Danny. Nevertheless, with Danny acquiring ghost powers, things suddenly change. Danny at times makes him look like a fool, exposing his lack of brains.

Danny phantom’s impeccable character

1. Ability to grow

Danny is determinedly seeks an identity for himself and his newly acquired powers. Initially, he is superficial, shallow and yearns for popularity. He later goes ahead, focusing on his goal as a superhero, opting to step out even when he is off-duty. Danny always protected Amity Park, his town, and all the people in need. With time he matures and develops confidence.

2. Protects his loved ones

On the other hand, he is considerate, responsible and intelligent while fighting. He is always out to protect his loved ones and friends, who are vulnerable to other ghosts for being close to Danny. Whenever he makes a mistake, he sincerely tries to neutralize the mend the consequences before his friends and family. Weakness

Due to his young age, Danny sometimes underestimated his enemies, but often he is cautious. To the advantage of his enemies, Danny is too emotional, a flaw which lowers his confidence and self-esteem hampering his actions as a ghost hunter.


Danny Phantom is a great show with very interesting features and characters. If you are a fan of animation games, then you are bound to love Danny phantom. It is extremely much better compared other animation games currently available. Its’ approach, level of expertise and format have been designed to ensure that you enjoy every bit of the game. To play this game, visit our website. We have the up-to-date version, with the latest exciting features.

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