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Black widow, commonly known as a very dangerous spider – but no that is not what this article is about; this article is about the marvelous Marvel character known as the black widow, the most bad-ass female hero of all time. Just like the spider, she is quick, sly and indeed very dangerous.

With her attractive figure and her sexy black outfit and brunette hair she makes a great female hero and a very pleasing character to watch on our screens. She is arguably the world’s greatest spy and the all-time master of disguise, she operates on the rule to see, and not be seen.

She goes by the name of Natasha Romanova, born in the year of 1928(yes, if we calculate from 2011, she would indeed be 83 years old), she was first discovered at an early age saved from a building that was on a fire by an old soviet soldier. Since then she has been trained by the Soviet Intelligence team and has been brought up to be a top-class spy!

She has worked with a lot of people, teams and organizations through her career such as H.A.M.M.E.R, S.H.I.E.L.D, and almost an evil ninja claim the Hand while she was brainwashed. She has worked along with great Marvel characters such as Ivan, Logan and Captain America- and they all made one hell of a team.

Who’d be a better to save this world we live in than the exceptional, black widow with her style, and mastery of the spy art – I cannot imagine a better female character of Marvel to save our world. If you think she isn’t the best female Marvel character of all time please leave your comments below and suggest a better female character, have a nice day.

Are you seduced by the looks of this sexy spy? Then you are in for a great treat, you can play many Black Widow flash games online using the internet right from your browser, use this character to master the skill of trickery and the art of master-spy – have fun!

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