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Batman is the fictional comic book superhero created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The fictional superhero was introduced by DC Comics in the year 1939 and has become one of the most renowned superheroes of all times. Unlike a number of superheroes like Spiderman, X-Men or Superman, Batman doesn’t possess any superhuman or supernatural powers.

This crime fighting, caped crusader has different nicknames including The Dark Knight, the caped crusader, and the world’s best detective. Batman is regarded as a mysterious and courageous superhero who exists to fight crime. His main skills comprise detective skills, technology, martial arts, sophisticated weapons, escapology as well as conditioning.

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The main story

The story of Batman is quite interestinq that it has generated hordes of fans globally. From its very humble beginnings on DC Comics’ pages, Batman has flown into movies and TV screens. There are at least 5 versions of Batman movies and thousands of animated series with Batman as a lead character shown on television.

While Batman’s story has varied slightly over the years, the theme of his parent’s death and his pursuit for justice has never changed. Bruce Wayne was born in a very rich family. But one night, everything turned for the worst and went dreadfully wrong. His family was walking back home from the movie when a robber threatened them with the gun. Wayne’s parents tried to coordinate with the mugger, but he shot them leaving Bruce alone in the alley, stricken with despair.

Young Bruce vows to avenge his parent’s death by ridding a city of evil. He started to exercise both physically and intellectually. The trauma of witnessing the murder of his father and mother as a kid left him with a hatred of guns and he swears to never to utilize them. Nonetheless, that does not stop him from using lethal batarangs or explosive pellets.

His character

Batman’s character has jumped from comic book to other media and popular culture encompassing radio dramas, books, a newspaper comic strip, television movies, animated television series’, and a number of major motion pictures such as Tim Burton’s version of Batman starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton. Also, Batman has featured in a number of video games, toys, board games, and as a stunt show and ride at the Six Flags theme parks.

His costume style

Most of the aspects of the modern character were in place for the initial story. Although his costume style has developed over the years, it is still essentially the same. His suit has lightweight armor. His cowl possesses lenses enabling him to see in many ways such as x-ray vision, thermal vision, and others. Also, it contains a hardened front as well as shock impacts, enabling him to head butt guys without injuring himself. Batman’s cloak is bulletproof, fire proof, and water proof. His cape protects him from the various long range assaults. It’s also lightweight since he can hold it out and fly in the air.


His weapons and gadgets

Batman does not have the ability to fly in the air for long periods of time or super-speed or even super-strength. But that does not mean he is less of a hero. Actually, his punch is stronger than many super-humans. Since he is wealthy, Bruce can purchase many weapons his company, Waynetech, develops. Batman has a number of weapons and gadgets including batarangs and bathook.

Batman’s vehicles

Batman has an array for vehicles. His most popular car of all is the Batmobile. Over the years, Batman has had different models of Batmobile. He can utilize a remote to steer his car it to his place whenever he feels like. It has numerous weapons to stop the bad guys, should he wish to. Also, he has Batcopters and Batjets which give him the bird’s eye vision of the city.

Batman’s submarines and boats

He also has a variety of submarines and boats which allow him fight crime on the waters. If he needs to go deeper, he uses submarines. He can access his submarines and boats from the water level in his Batcave, his headquarters that he employs to keep his identity anonymous. Batcave also has a number of facilities he shall require in his fight against criminal activities.

Batman games

There are many batman games online today. Many of them are played on a personal PC and not on the console. Console games comprise licensed titles that are released for Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, and perhaps older gadgets such as Sega and Game Boy. However if you log online, you’ll find a collection of Batman games. Some of these games seem realistic, while others are cartoonish. Some games are based on Batman’s movie version, while others are based on a comic book version.

Some of these games are based on other characters from the franchise. In these games, the players can put Batman into many different scenarios and employ various tools, such as grappling hook, to move around the screen, catch the crooks and save the day! There are also Batman games in other genres. Most of the games entail Batman driving cars, and collecting points for various things such as passing or collecting items. In some games, a player can alter his tools, and his cars, so that it’s virtually like his dress-up.

Also, there are Batman shooting games, strategy games and skill games available for you to enjoy. There is a huge collection of batman’s games. You are sure to find a game that appeals to you when you’re looking to have fun and pass time. If you’re a Batman fan, then you have most likely enjoyed batman’s movies. Now you may need to play one of the many Batman games on our website. Save the city of Gotham from the comfort of your home. Visit our site and choose from a huge collection of batman games.

To conclude, batman is one of the most renowned actors of all times. There is no any superhero today that is more beloved than Batman. People have had the fascination with him for years. He sets a good example of overcoming our limitations by becoming superheroes and he motivates people into doing what is right.


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