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The world of Avatar is set in an age long before our time; when the entire world was divided into four great nations: the Fire Nation, the water tribes, the Air Nomads and the Earth Kingdom. Each of these nations had their native element – fire, water, air and earth respectively. Within each nation there are only a few men and women who can manipulate their native elemental magic with intensive martial arts and are called “Benders.” In every generation there is only one bender who can control and use all four elements. That bender is called the “Avatar.” The avatar first masters his own native element and then gradually learns to bend all four elements of nature. Throughout the history, every incarnation of avatar has maintained harmony within the nations

About a century before the events of the story, the lord of Fire Nation, Sozin, decided to wage a war against all other nations in order to expand his territory increase his dominance in the world. The current avatar, Roku, learnt about his motives and stopped him from carrying out his plans so that the balance of the world can be maintained. Eventually, Roku died and was reincarnated within the Air Nomads as an AirBender named Aang. After a few years of Roku’s death, Sozin resumed his evil plan.

Aang came to know about his powers as Avatar when he was twelve. At this time the world needed him desperately to fight against Sozin. Frightened from his new found power and responsibilities, Aang fled to his homeland on his flying bison named Appa. However, he was caught in an ocean storm en route to his home. He unleashed his powers and was trapped in an iceberg in a state of suspended animation. Avatar disappeared when the world needed him the most

When Sozin learnt that the newly incarnated avatar was from the Air Nomads, he killed all the Air Nomads using a comet, but couldn’t find Aang. Sozin spent the remaining years of his life searching for the “Last Airbender.” Sozin died, but the war still continued as his son, Azulon, ascended the Fire throne. He was followed by his youngest son Ozai who is the current ruler of the Fire Nation. The war that lasted almost a century is near its end of Fire nation’s victory, and the avatar is still missing. By then the world was in turmoil. The Air Temple was ravished, all Air Nomads destroyed and all airbenders killed. The water tribes too were at the brink of their complete eradication. The Earth Kingdom was still fighting against the Fire Nation. Everyone had lost their hopes.

A WaterBender named Katara and his brother Sokka found the iceberg holing Aang and Appa and freed them. Katara learns that not only Aang is the last of the now extinct airbenders, he is the avatar. Now Katara and Sokka have to help Aang to master all the four elements, become strong enough to pull the world out of its misery by defeating the Fire Lord. Aang must now face his destiny as the chosen one to restore world order. He must be fast in his endeavors as the Sozin’s comet, which eradicated the Air Nomads, is expected again by the end of summer. This will mean the end of the war and Fire Nations ultimate victory. But saving the world isn’t as easy as said Aang is pursued by an exiled prince of the fire nation, Zuko, and fire nation commander Zhao determined to catch him for prestige and honor.

Aang, with Appa, Katara and Sokka now begins his difficult journey of mastery of all four nature elements. Their first destination is the North Pole, where he and Katara can learn waterbending from master Pakku. En route to the North Pole they meet Kayoshi warriors who tell Aang about the extinction of Air Nomads. Aang also meets his past life form, Roku who tells him the truth about Sozin’s comet. On reaching the pole, Katara and Aang commence their waterbending training. The waterbenders’ sources of power were the Moon and Ocean spirits. During a lunar eclipse he killed the Moon Spirit. However, Avatar saves the Ocean Spirit with his newfound capabilities. He now starts his journey to the Earth Kingdom.

After leaving the North Pole, the group begins its search for an earthbending master. They find Toph Beifong, an earthbender prodigy. Aang begins his earthbending training under his guidance. Soon after, they learn that the Fire Nation can be defeated on Solar Eclipse due before Sozin’s comet. Adding to their hardships, Appa was kidnapped. This made their journey to Bah Sing Se more difficult. Still they manage to

reach there only to find that all the people, including the Earth King Keui, are under the control of Long Feng, a police commander who was planning a coup d’Otat. By blocking Aang’s avatar powers, Long Feng completes his plans successfully thus bringing the Earth Kingdom under Fire Nation’s control. Aang enters a coma and the group flees to one of Fire Nation’s ships.

When Aang gains consciousness, the group plans to invade the Fire Nation with the help of allies. Though the invasion is a success at first, they are unable to find the Fire Lord Ozai. As many of their allies are captured Aang and his group are forced to retreat. They attack again with reinforcements. Soon Sozin’s comet appears, over then battling Ozai and Aang. Aang, without his avatar powers, was losing the battle against Ozai until when Ozoi accidently resumes Aang’s connection to his Avatar State. Now Aang is able to defeat Ozoi. Instead of killing him, Aang strips him off his powers.

The war that lasted for a century now ends, and Zuko is crowned as the new Fire Lord. Aang and his allies start working to reinstate all three nations thus building a new peaceful world.

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