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Transformers is an entertainment franchise that began in 1984 with a toy line and has since gone on to numerous animated series as well as several feature films. In the three decades of it's existence the Transformers franchise has literally transformed from a simple toy line into a massive entertainment franchise featuring the exploits of the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. It seems almost inconceivable to think that the franchise actually started when writers were hired to create back stories for a toy line. 

After Optimus Prime and the rest of the generation one Transformers were given names and back stories the mythology of the franchise continued to grow and expand becoming one of the most recognized entertainment forces in the world today. Today Transformers is no longer a simple by line for kids, it is a major entertainment franchise that generates millions of dollars through various forms of media, the most notable of which are three major motion pictures, with at least one more currently scheduled for release. To truly understand and appreciate the Transformers franchise you need to get a firm grasp of the mythology that it is built upon. What it basically comes down to is that there are two races of sentient machines who have warred with each other for ages, and in recent times their war spilled over into our world.

 Leading the cause for the Autobots is the heroic Optimus Prime, his eternal enemy is the evil Megatron. These two characters each embody the qualities that makes each of their races unique. For Optimus Prime and the Autobots they strive to maintain peace and to protect those in need. For Megatron and the Decepticons they live only to conquer and view those weaker than them as easy prey meant lobe subjugated. When the generation one Transformers first came to Earth the obvious philosophical differences between the Autobots and Decepticons put them at odds with one another. While the Decepticons sought to conquer humanity and use Earth's resources to further their own ends the heroic Autobots allied with humanity to defend us against an enemy for which we were ill prepared to fight. Eventually their conflict escalated with Optimus Prime becoming Rodirnus Prime, and Megatron becoming Galvatron during the 1986 feature length The Transfomers: The Movie. Following the original first generation of Transformers were many other incarnations all which revolved upon the basic premise of the heroic Autobots fighting against the evil Decepticons. 

Although many of the characters changed over the years the two constants remained Optimus Prime and Megatron, who have remained in one incarnation or another throughout the entire history of the franchise. While the formats in which Transformers have changed, any true Transformers fan can tell you that regardless of how they are presented they remain an instantly recognizable fixture in popular culture. From the original toys and comic books, to the animated series, all of these forms of media have helped to propel Transformers further into the public consciousness resulting in it reaches even higher level of popularity over time In recent years Transformers has gained even more exposure and popularity as the one time toy lined transitioned from an animated form into that of multiple live action feature films. Utilizing modern day 3d animation technology film makers have done what would have been impossible when Transformers first became popular, they have seamlessly integrated the fictional Transformers robots into a real world setting. 

The result has been a series of films that continues to drive the popularity of the Transformers franchise as it exposes a new generation of fans to them for the first time While the vividness of the Transformers universe and it's rich mythology are obvious reasons why it is so popular, it's rise to prominence in popular culture has undoubtedly been driven by nostalgic 80s children who are now adults. Kids who grew up in the 80s loved Transformers, and as a result the entertainment industry has taken advantage of this by giving them what they want, more Transformers. It's no secret that by tapping into the interest of young adults the entertainment industry can help to ensure it's success. With Transformers being one of the most popular toy and animated franchises of the 1980s it should come as no surprise that marketing it today is leading to major success for a movie studio. While a movie studio may be reaping the financial rewards of the Transformers franchise, it is the fans who are the real winners. With major motion pictures, new toy lines, new comic lines, web series, and new animated series it is a golden age for Transformers fans. For fans who grew up loving Transformers, as well as those new to the franchise, there are now more options for Transformers based entertainment than ever before.

In 1984 Transformers started out as a simple toy line. Realizing the potential of the toys writers were hired to create back stories and the Transformers universe was born. In the decades since it's beginning Transformers has gone through many incarnations, with the basic story about good versus evil remaining at the heart of it As Transformers continues to remain a major force in popular fiction the avenues through which it reaches it's audience will surely continue to grow and expand. One of the most popular forms of entertainment today is video games. With advances in technology the video game industry has quickly risen to the forefront of the highly lucrative entertainment industry, and all signs point to it continuing to grow in the future. How appropriate is it then that an entertainment franchise about hi tech robots called Transformers is now the centerpiece of one of the most exciting online games available today. 

As a Transformers fan you can take an interactive role in the amazing Transformers universe like never before by playing at At our website you can join in the battle against evil as a heroic Autobot, or choose to explore the dark nature of the evil Decepticons. Whichever path you choose you are certain to enjoy an experience that any Transformers fan will love.

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