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Strategy Games

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Strategy Games - The Thinking Person's Genre

Strategy games (otherwise known as strategic games) are video games where players' decision-making skills play a vital significance when determining the outcome. Almost all strategy flash games require much higher level decision making and high situational awareness compared to action games.

These games differ from "tactics" in that they focus on the general scheme of things. On the other hand, "tactics" refer to organization and execution.

Most gamers lump strategy games into one of two categories: continuous gameplay (or real-time strategy - RTS), and individual phases (or turn-based strategy).

History of Strategy Games

The origin of strategy video games derives from more traditional tabletop games like Chess. The first electronic strategy game was a Risk clone called Invasion, released in '72 for the Magnavox Odyssey. SSI's Bismarck was the first historical computer wargame.

Many critics view Herzog Zwei's 1989 game as the first the first real-time strategy game.

The genre reached mainstream popularity with Dune II three years later in 1992. The creator, Brett Sperry, coined the term "real-time strategy" to market the system in this new game and the genre he popularized.

Popular Games
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